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Information Technology Management Specialists

Our Pledge

Welcome to Fognet, providers of world class enterprise network and systems management consulting services. Our pledge is to deliver services that lift your overall level of IT maturity while simultaneously working to help you better align your IT functions with your business goals. We accomplish this through experience, establishing lasting relationships, exceeding expectations and earning satisfaction in all facets of the services we provide.

Why Fognet? The path to good IT management is never clear. Obscured by clouds more aptly decsribes today's overwhelmingly complex and compartmentalized IT management challenges. With technology always a step ahead of IT management practices, navigating today's confusingly complex technology landscapes requires a guide with knowledge, experience, great people skills and foresight. Fognet can provide just such a guide.

Our Value Proposition
  • We deliver expert Enterprise Management solutions focused on integrated network, systems, applications and services management
  • Our services include implementation, support, integration, architecture, custom scripted and API solutions, training and ongoing remote management
  • With every engagement, Fognet works in context with its customer's current of level IT maturity, with an eye toward increasing it and improving IT's business alignment
  • Twenty years of continuous experience with HP Software with intimate experience with Operations Manager and Network Node Manager products